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“Every Storm Has a Silver Lining”: Local Gliding Duo to Attempt UK Distance Record in Wake of Storm Agnes

DENBIGH, NORTH WALES – In the aftermath of Storm Agnes, while many see destruction, two local gliders see opportunity. Chris Gill and Simon Grice, from the Denbigh Gliding Club, are gearing up to make the most of the storm’s aftermath. On 28th September, Chris & Simon will attempt to break the UK distance record by gliding over 1109km, starting from Denbigh, North Wales.

As the saying goes, “every storm has a silver lining”, and for the PIONEERS project, Storm Agnes may have provided the perfect conditions for this daring flight. The turbulent weather left by the storm is anticipated to create the ideal atmospheric conditions for high altitude gliding.

The Historic Flight:

This attempt is not just a personal challenge but the pinnacle of the PIONEERS project, a documentary that seeks to put North Wales on the global map as a hub for gliding. By showcasing the sport and the region, the duo also hopes to boost the local economy and tourism.

More than Just a Flight:

Beyond the skies, the PIONEERS documentary will:

Delve deep into the world of high altitude gliding, with a special focus on North Wales. Offer insights into the historical, current, and future facets of high altitude gliding, aiming for a global audience.

The Pioneers Behind the Attempt:

The PIONEERS team is a fusion of expertise:

Simon Grice: Founder, Producer, and co-Pilot.

Chris Gill: CFI at Denbigh Gliding & highly experience pilot attempting the record.

Alan Howard: Renowned Director with 25 years in broadcasting.

Ian Molesworth: Support & Advisor, and seasoned High Altitude Glider Pilot.

Edyta Kilian: The backbone of Operations & Administration.

Support the Dream:

The team is rallying for fundraising support. A base goal of £12,500 will fund the North Wales-centric version of the documentary. With greater funds, they aspire to narrate the UK’s and potentially the world’s gliding tales.

By pledging:

Founder (£100): Supporters receive a PIONEERS hardback book, an invitation to the documentary premier at Denbigh Gliding Club, and more.

Supporter (£50): Backers get a digital documentary copy and an online High Altitude Gliding Masterclass led by Chris Gill and other top glider pilots.

In seizing the moment post-Storm Agnes, Chris and Simon hope to not only break records but also to illuminate the beauty and potential of North Wales.

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