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PIONEERS is a project that is telling the story of:

  • High altitude gliding in North Wales, the UK and Globally (the scope will depend on the budget available)

  • Chris Gill’s UK distance record attempt to fly further than 1109km in a single flight

This short taster gives a feel for the style of documentary we’ll be creating.


The PIONEERS team feel that by documenting in a high quality, broadcast ready production we will be able to bring the story of gliding and what’s possible to a wider global audience.

We hope that by doing this we’ll encourage more existing glider pilots to extend their capabilities and facilitate new potential glider pilots to try the sport.

Paul Bonhomme (Red Bull Air Race Pilot) talks about high altitude gliding.


We are working with a highly experienced production company to craft & create the documentary about high altitude gliding which will include the profile of some of the leading high altitude glider pilots, the planning & build up to the actual attempt flight and the wider story of high altitude gliding – it’s history, present and future.

Once we’ve created the documentary and associated content we will then promote it on a global basis. Through the power of social & digital media and the existing gliding community we believe we can reach tens of thousands of people and share the story with them.

We are also in discussion with a number of the major TV/Film platforms which, if they choose to work with us, would increase awareness further.


The PIONEERS team are a highly experienced group of individuals with specific experience in each of their respective fields.

Simon Grice – Founder/Producer

Edyta Kilian – Operations & administration

  • 10+ years PA, management & office administration experience

Chris Gill – Attempt & High Altitude Glider Pilot

Alan Howard – Director

Ian Molesworth – High Altitude Glider Pilot


We are raising funds to invest in the production during May ’23 and will be starting filming in June ’23. Subject to the level of funding secured we’ll be aiming to finish filming in March ’24 and have the final production ready for May ’24.


We are raising a minimum of £12,500 (plus admin fees) which will enable us to create the North Wales focused version of the documentary. If we raise £25k we’ll be able to broaden the project to the rest of the UK and with £50k we’ll take it global!

The funds will come from:

  • grants – membership organisations active in the promotion of gliding
  • sponsors – businesses & organisations active in the gliding community or who would like to reach a new audience
  • crowdfunding – individuals who would like to support the project and receive the Supporter, Founder or Producer rewards

This is how we’re doing on the fundraising:

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin£12,500Raised £1,750 towards the £12,500 target.£1,750Raised £1,750 towards the £12,500 target.14%

Crowd funding support:

You can support the project by becoming a Supporter, Founder or Producer. To do this there will be a £50 (Supporter), £100 (Founder), £500+ (Producer) pledge of support. There are also pledges available to people who would like to get more involved in the project – please include a message if you’d like to discuss working with us.

In addition to helping make this project possible you’ll also receive the following rewards:


  • a signed copy of the PIONEERS hardback coffee table book (with your name listed as a Founder). The book will contain the story of the project, stunning photos from the project and be a permanent memory for you to keep and share with friends.
  • an exclusive invitation to the premier of the documentary to join some of the leading glider pilots in the UK and members of the PIONEERS team, to be held at Denbigh Gliding club in May ’24.
  • a digital copy of the documentary with your name listed in the opening credits as a Founder of the project
  • exclusive access to the online High Altitude Gliding Masterclass created by Chris Gill & other leading high altitude glider pilots

Supporter (£50)

  • a digital copy of the documentary with your name listed in the end credits as a supporter
  • exclusive access to the online High Altitude Gliding Masterclass created by Chris Gill & other leading high altitude glider pilots

If you would like to indicate your potential support (no commitment at this stage) please complete this short form.

    Once the Kickstarter is live I’ll then be in touch to invite you to make your pledge there.

    Thank you and I look forward to welcoming you as a Supporter or Founder of the project!

    Simon Grice & the PIONEERS Team