Zen & the Art of Gliding

What is it ?

An international project by the global gliding community with the following aims.

  • raise money for local air ambulances across the world – to support Covid-19 activities and life saving services
  • create a coffee table style book of stunning photography, philosophies & parables from members of the gliding community including chapters on the history & future of gliding
    • the book will cost around £45 to members who want to support the project and own their own copy of the book and support the charities the project is supporting
  • create a website & social media to support the project
  • increase awareness of gliding through social, media awareness and partnerships

How can you get involved ?

  • join the GlidingCo mailing list here for updates
  • back the project when we go live on Kickstarter

Who is the Gliding Community ?

the project has been started by Simon Grice who came up with the idea and was part of the team behind the successful Glide Britain project (summer 2017) which raised around £40k including £16k on Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/simongrice/glide-britain)